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Full text of "A set of plans showing the Back Bay 1814-1881 : & illustrating the rapid progress in the developement [sic] of the territory for its present and proposed uses"

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^-^S hell' No. 


6)1934 .(&' 5 &S^4£ .1*\ ISR tW?ttl6<' 



Supplementary Schedules issued on the first day of 
each month and delivered to subscribers will show 
sales located by reference to the numbered lots on 

These schedules will also contain the 'historical rec- 
ord oF improvements by filling', laying-out of streets, 
building's, bridges ; ancl all items of interest affecting 
the developement of the territory. 
These schedules will be attached by our messenger 

Ln iko cl-iiltc loKr- r/M' r In i c ioui'nr\co in f- 

•if * ' 

this book. Price 12. per yeax 

Direct by mail to this office and your orders will be 

promptly attended to / 


Boston, Mass. 

Sales 1881; 

•-KC.adY To «,*&W PN 

Oo\ii>i^teL,i^t^ Tojajj; 1*1882, 

'mMa§S5& ©^ lots 

shown on our 

■^ t: This SALES Schedule 11881 g 

" X I , CHANGED BY ST*^ 2 

~ : \^ and shows ^* -S u 

i ?^j ^* 7 - 1 ! UfiBt^-, P FXf* «iid W?o>i'0 of Lot, j 

• atio i 

rt s> 

>%< *C 

O r P 

! N0 IN 




By which each sale may toe IocafcgdJ. 


TPi />;•//»/ and deliver on ordt r tlte following : 

A — Plan of Bade Bay as it was in iS 1 4 for . . Sj. 00 each. 

B— Plan " " 1836 for 200 " 

O— Plan " " 1851 for 1.50 " 

D— Plan " " 1861 for 1.50 " 

E— Plan " " 1871 for 1.50 " 

F— Plan " " July 1, 1881 for 1.5 

and on each succeeding July a new plan. 
(J- A set of Historical Plans of Haclt Bay from 1S14 to I 1 
with a descriptive record of progress for each month ol 

18S1, in book form for Jto.oo each. 

H— Plan of estates Commonwealth Ave., correct to date of 

first day of each month, for. $1.50 each. 

I— Plan of estates Marlborough St. ditto for r.50 ' 

,1 — Plan " Newbury Si. ditto for 1.50 " 

K— Plan " Beacon St. ditto for 1.00 " 

L— Plan " Boylston St. ditto lor 1.00 " 

RI— A full set of above plans (H 10 I. with Fl, of Common 

Avenue f„inds, in book form for J6 00 each. 

N— A s;t of four or more plans of estates near Back Bay Park 

correct to first of each month, for 54.00 each. 

O — A schedule of Deeds recorded, showing sales of lots. Common- 
wealth Avenue Landtforthe past year -vith sectional plans 
(F with H to L, date Jan, i.l ready in February ol 

each year for JS.00 each. 

P— Plan of estates Commonwealth Avenue I-ands on rollers 

July 1, 1SS1, for . . . ; ; oo each 

Q— Plans of estates Commonwealth Avenue Lands on rollers Mar. 

1 1. for .. ■$> 5° each 

■R— A monthly schedule of sales Commonwealth Avenue Land:. 

ready on the first of each month for $1.00* per month, 

S - A monthly schedule of Mies and improvements on Park 
Lands with plan locating each sale ready on the first of each. 

month for $1.50 per month. 

T— A Stub Book prepared to receive thirty of the foregoing plans 
and schedules, except G, M, N, O, P and Q, will be furnished 
f"r 75 each. 

Room jo, No. 30 Court St., Boston, Mass. 
March 188*. 

; 39 Court/ 

V .. 




<<>R Jts [Present -\\d Proposed 


jj ■ 

^ffisi ow 

WulUv an£ ©^iltx^y Hac| M%\)$mqlxmp$, 

39 CO<//?7~ S77 BOSTON. 

August 1*S1. 

Entered according to ;ici of Congress in the year 1881, by 

FuLiLiHr &- Whitney, 


in tine Clerks Ofifice of t,lie Librarian or Concrete ni Washington. 



SATURDAY. MAY 20. 1888. 


To the Editor of the Traruoript : What Is 
history ? I asked this question as I looked 
over a recent work, "The Back Bay in 1814 
and 1881," which contains a series ol maps 
showing the aspect of that territory between 
those periods; a work to perpetuate as his- 
tory its past aud present topography; and in 
the first two maps I find Fox Hill singularly 
placed at the foot of the BeacoMtreet nvdll 
This singular perversion of the locality ol 
that bill was so evident that I began to doubt 
my own knowledge of its position, and I 
called upon several friends, West Enders, 
South Endeis, and one Fort Hlller, septus- 
genariaDS, octogenarians and one nonagena- 
rian, who had, like myself, many a time and 
oft, "stripped up" and wadea out to what 
remained of the bill in 1814, and we all 
agreed that it was about where the southerly 
end of tho pona in the Publio Garden now is, 
or between that and the Arlington-street 

Hon. John 0. Park, when asked where was 
Fox Hill, replied at once, "Why, I used to 
strip up, crawl in under the ropewalks and 
wade out to the gravel-bank remains of its 
base," while the brothers Abijah and Rich- 
ard Perkins, South End boys, affirmed the 
same, and the venerable Joseph West, a Fort 
Hill boy, confirmed it, as well as the Messrs. 

By referring to Bonner's maps, now before 
me— of 1722-1792, 1 think— it must have been 
quite a prominent hill, as Snow, in his "His- 
tory of Boston," mentions a military display 
of twelve hundred men under Governor Win- 
ibrop in 1641, "on Fox Hill, a spot of rising 
gionnd which formerly existed at the bottom 
of the Common," which then embraced the 
flats to low-water mark. 

On the morning of July 30, 1794, the rope- 
walks, seven in number, in Pearl street, were 
burned, when the townspeople gave the pro- 
prietors leave to, and they built six rope- 
walks on land where the Public Garden now 
is; the brick "head-houses" were on Frog lane, 
now Boylston street, a swampy bog; the one 
farthest from Charles street being nearly out 
to Fox bill, which, at that period, was par- 
tially flowed at high tide. The walls of 
these head-houses, as I remember thorn, were 
craobed and rickety, being on inseoure foun- 
dations. These ropewalks were all burned, 
Bays Snow, Feb. 18, 1806, and were replaced 
by five others ; like their predecessors, these, 
or rather four of thero, were destroyed by 
fire, as I well remember, being present at tbe 
burning on an autumnal evening in 1819— 
a magnificent sight— and It was beneath 
these that we waded, dug olains for bait and 
caught eels. Svphax. 

May 19. 1882. 

FULLEft AND Whi Tn , 


MAY 2 1814. 

, OfviPlLED BY 

Tney 39 Court St. Boston. 

Hem Pell ..ti>« |,,: ol 7T 
1C. iff, i .aIM n« B< 01 181 L 

J' o X,- Lcin.lB19. 

c . ..-1 l. 1 . 11. i PImi ^1 10 

. ^, .,x. - 

■ ' ffi 3 HZjES 


^ >6 i p ■■$*??&&** BOSTON 

i v. 






' / - 








, ya? . *° 





'B a 

„ Q K e> v 





^t>. f 

\ ■ . ^ 



■BAY 3 1836. 


tmey 39 Court St. Boston. 

(Flans of S.P.FiriLer. 
' v . Smith's Plain of Boston. 1835. 
iBoeton Berwick Co?, do. 1835. 





- -C/TYM 





W Pox 
I Hill 




L //?o/v Fou/vD/?r 


Fuller and W Hl ^ 


r 0/:/y /f \ 


fs*&slA r J) 

l/sl /iSH 

v f 


\ v u> N * 

o/i. racTonf 



CHAMflf I 


[ Bay x 1S51. 

n ey 39 Coui r ! t. Boston. 

iM.u .t P.l -ill. r 
r . v chu i>fl ,r» Ui mol > x >» ^ i. 
.1 of riiii w« U* ,1( '*< l > >& 




— COtWV**/ 

s \ 



Filled L&ind 

■ Z: .n 



v> r« 



, - - ■■ • i ii 

I ' 

/ 'I j P^UC- 

5/7.% «J/A* 

\ \ 



< 1 1 1 k 

1 / / 2 /" 

/ ' / : 


1 ' 

. / 

f ^ ' 


\ \ 

*) >> 

V" ^ ■" 


/ ' 





rkv ££iH 

CirY \ oa 

. mTTM 



Fuller and Whi -t, 


^4 zmjoMri&g, gins of 

- mi of 

\ H/WBOt 


jMA Jl ' 

1 1 y 

''is' ' 

7" ..._,'<s 



^ x <t 




K|lAY 5 1861. 

,'iplLED BY 

*iev 39 Court St. Boston 

lamof J.EFuHer 

i of Bo^ton_l c< >j JFunesSlcicleCE. 

-•/?30X~ CO */V/$3/0/V£fiS L/f-JC 








&RAMJl/V' > S 







& - 


Fuller and V/ 


JEY s- 

\n of Bo 






! A 



w Hi>( ie - y 39 court St. Boston. 

*'• b£*eS!s£* afcKl*J\a <S20CSCsg*CV 

I „ o, .l.F.Kuller. n , H 

, ,i Boston loyT.M'Davis CnySure 1870 





Fuller and V/h rss r -, 

>w FY *% 

NOTE. Letters refer to our plan of \. 

Commonwealth Avenue Lands showincj > 
lot s wit! i ov^neio'nan,K?ci and fos's Valuation. 

Numbers refer to our plan of Park Lam J, 
Showing location and size of estates names of 
owners approximate areas and Asses,s< 
Valuation of- 1861 > K 

- suRvzrs by 

h %y 39 Court St, Boston. 


w iss 

\ I 



(,2.1 \^ , J 

Lot N os. 

Near 41 

Schedule for Jan. 1881. 

Recorded 1512.4-20 Jan.l,i88i.Geo.Wheatland Ji'. to Oliver Ames ^l.oo 2,750 sq.ft. oil Newbury street Z5 feet 
front. Mortgage on same released by Asa P.Potter. Dated Dec. 30, Ack. Dec. 30 and Jan. \. 

Rec. 1513.375 Edward I.Browne and Francis C. Welch TVs. to J. B.Kenclall $39,864.80, 102,162 sq.ft. 
Brookline Avenue and Longwood Avenue. Dated Jan. 13,1881, Recorded Jan. 15, 1881. Mortgage 

Near 41 


back same #30,000. 
Rec. 1513.379 Jan. 15, i88(. J. B. Kendall to Franklin Haven, Oliver Ames and RobVNj. Pomeroy, same lot 
subjectto mortgage. Dated Jan 13,1881. It is understood that this sale was made fov 40 
cents per foot. 

Rec. i5i3. 4<b9 Jan. 17, 1881. Geo. Wheatland Jr. to Ezra H. Baker # i.oo tot on Newbury street Z5 feet 
front. Dated ?\nd ack. Jan. 14, 1881. 

Rec. 15 14. zi 2. Jan. 25, 1881. Asa P Potter to Chas.W. Wilder #l.oo one-half of 153, 431. Z sq.ft.(undivided) 
on Parker street and Westland ave.. Dated Jan. I, ackJan.Z5.lS8l. 

Rec. 1514. zi3 Jan. Z5, I88i. Chas. IV. Wilder to Arthur F. Pepper *|.oo the whole of same lot. Dated. Jan 
1. ack. Jan. 17, I88t. 

Rec. 1514. 2i4to262 ^\ic\ subsequently. Arthur F. Pepper mortgages for #87,000 in various sums the dif- 
ferent lots shown on plan ^dimensions and numbers to be given hereafter). 

Rec. 1514-.Z73 Jan. 25,1881. Arthur F Pepper to AbramQ.WendalUr. and Sydney J. Barrett Trs. Central 
Park Land Company *l.oo same as deect from Chas.W. Wilder subject to mortgages above not- 
ed amounting to ^87,000. 

Rec. 1514.441 Jan. Z8J881. Geo. Wheatland Jr. to Walter Munne well *i.oo lot on Newbury street 2 5 ft. 
front. Dated Jan. 27, ack. Jan. 28,1881. 

R ec. Jan. Z7. 1881. Jonathan D. Williams to Win. H.Bent #l.oo 25,113 sq.ft. on Vancouver street 

at Huntington avenue extension. Dated Nov. 26, 1880, ack. Jan. 27, 1881. 

The filling for the City to reach trestle in front of lot 43 has begun.-, that near lots II and 12 also 
and 17 has been completed. 

Ovev one thousand piles for foundations of new building of Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic As- 
sociation on Huntington avenue have been already driven. 


Schedule for Feb 1881. 

The Trustees reported in Schedule for June 1880 as having bought of B.W.P Co. Estate viz: Francis W.Pali 
Francis A.Osborn and G.T.W.Braman, Trustees have recorded their declaration of trust Lib. 1495 Foil". 
The names of the beneficiaries are as follows: 

Richard 5. Fay 50 

Benj.S.Rotch oo 

VTJ.FUtch 3u 

Henry J. Williams is 

Frances B Beaumont a.o 

Natli. H. Emmons \s 
Benj.W.Crowninshield io 

H. D Hyde .o 

50pa»-t5in400 Franklin Hav< 11 io parts in 400 John P. Putnam 

Oliver Ames 

Isaac F Oobbon 

Alfred Wwsork Son io ■ Jacob Pfaff 
H.M.Wfcihiey ao " Alfred P Rockwell 

Aaron D Weld's SorlSio 
Oliver \'i Peafoocly s 
Francis a Qsborn s> 
VY. m -Amory Jr. & 

Francis h. Palfre) 
Thornton K Lothrop s 

Ht-nry Pfaff * 

Geo. H.Norman s 

Chas.G.Wood s 

Eugene D Greenieaf s 

Fr*tr,k Murison s 

Leslie W C G Monson s 

parts in 4-00 Henry A. Whitney j p arksin4 

Anna 5. Amory 5 

W'" A Haskell s 

Jas Sturgis -s 

i Edw. Atkinson s 

E A.Wyetn j 

i •• D Oakes Glarl fi 

i " Russell SkurgiS Jr -5 

; J. Brajnan -s 

Frank N Thayer l0 " Thornton K Lothrop s . Leslie M c l 

The interest will be known as "The Commonwealth Avenue Lands 

W. B. Brown 5 

35 -.3 6. 

Recorded I504-133, Sept.2,2. B.kA.R.R. For *l&8.63 have surrendered a part of their location J6do.o ft.) to the City 
of Boston \ : w the abutments of the proposed bridge over Railroad at Beacon Entrance to Park, July2l. I&80. 

Recorded I5I5-302, Feb. 9, Enoch M.Reed*34,228 to Rufus H. Brown 35,570 ft. subject to Uo mortgages for 

* c\ ** 0.000 Feb.9, i3bi. 

Recorded I5I6-525, Feb.12. Abram. Folsom Wort, to Prov. Inst for Savings #10,000. 129.750 ft. subj. to first mort. 
same Institution for^io.000 Feb. 12. 

Recorded 1516-43. Feb. 17, Joseph Oork assigns Z\ mortgages on various lots, (reported m Schedule for Jan') 
from Arthur F. Pepper) to A^a P Potter hr * 87,000 Feb.iT. These mortgages amount to'1.00 per sqr.ft ^or lots ou 
WestlandAve. and from* 1.15 to*l.25 per ft. for lots on Parker St. 6 6 cts. for rear land. 

orded 1516-160, Feb. 19', G M.Cook gives a Bond for a deed-A.R.Whittier to pay * 60,000 fo\' 167.877 ft. Jan 2ri 3i 

Recorded Feb. 25. Geo.D. Russell mort. to Home Sav. Bank* 1700. Ao$t[ Lot 8 of LotN ? 50 mort. of *935 (see 
, Plan or Si olementarj Plan ac lompanying Monthly Plan of May I.J Feb. 11,1881. Recorded 1516.529. 

The following facts apply to filling operations new in progress -Lots- Owners and prices being given:- 

Lot o 8 - B. W. P. Co. $3.zo jo*r square. Beacon Entrance - City. 93.2.0 per square. 

Cnm'ltli Ave.- City. $0 20 ■ Street opp. Let 43 - City. $3.4,5 " 

The Boston and Roxbury Mill Corp" - have advertised for proposals for delivery 75,000 C. yds. of gravel or clean earth or^ flats 
north of Beacon and west of Hereford Sts. 



rhe following facts appl^ to improvements now in progressi- 

Beacon St. Bridge, Foundations, Ros* 36,89d to be completed November 19. 1880. 

Iron Bridge, D.H. Andrews 94.695 » " , after completion of foundations, in todays. 

Com'lth Ave. Bridge, Estimates and appropriations mauls. Plans in proigri • 

con St. Entrance.Bridge orerB.&A.R.R., Land for abutments bought; Plans being prepared, 

Boylston St. Bridge in Park, Foundations. Isaac A. Sylvester #58.647 to bt completed Junel,l88l. 

Sko-nv Brook Covered Channel to Chas. River, awaiting the progress if filling operations near Boston & Albany R.R. 

Stony Brook Storm Water Gate IntoPark. Work on pile Foundations is progressing loy the day, 

The Park Commissioners report actual payment to Jan 1 1881 

For Park Land and Streets, #443,2,61.63 They claim an increase in valuation ( of Estates assessed for 

Construction.- Riling, &il2.,3U5.4l tcrments ) in 1560 over 1077 or £,386,149 all upon vac 

Bridge Boylston St, 6,8D3.7d , .. .. , . . . .. . c .. r 

Beacon ot Bridi 163.63 ,aud wh,le the valuation J land in Mil rest of the 

General Expenses ^ o,r^ *>*^4o : ooa .v'o during the same time (1877 to i860 was reduced 

Total Payments, £633, 270.19 **, t)g0 | + « 

Park Betterments Paid, ^79,»4i.oo u,, 1 , ,,,h,^\\- ..-i.i.r,,,,,.,! *■ , t ,. /,. PakI ,„i u,,i 

ttcrmenl under appeal jui 

They claim an increase in valuation(of Estates assessed f\>v bet- 
terments) in 1680 over l877of ^f»,386,i4-9 all uf>c*yi vacant 
laud while the valuation of land in Mil pest of the City 
during the same tunc (1877 to \'s^o wa6 reduced 

j 36,990, 149- 

They au^^est additional takin • ■ ''•' Hid Sanit; 

purposes . ti Jai;'i»oow l J om I* 

Schedule for Mar. 1881. 

I Recorded 1517-14. Mar. I, W" E Griffin to Jas.C.Whitmore Mort&OQ. 3887ft.on Vancouver St. Feb 2d. i 

85 Recorded 1517-296, Mar5 Emily W.>Cook ; Chas. M.Cook and others to JosiahB. Kendall *L&c. 4 acres of Marsh Feb. 25. 1881 

•35 r.t corded I5I7-29T, J. B. Kendall mortgages same as aiouve to Cape Ann Savings Bank for*35,OO0. • this is aloout 25^ 

per ft. of its true area.) Feb. 2 6 '31. 

Recorded I5i7-o00to3i3. Kar.fe, J. B.Kendall tV of said marsh iot to each of following persons for*I.Sk subject to a 
proportionate share of mort. for ^35.000. on the whole dated i 3.26. 

Thos H. Board ma ii 
Samuel March 

Ale/. Caldweil 
Arthur N. Merriam 

^mos Coffin 

Enoch M.Read 


£Y*i'&tt Fowiin' Eben P. Goodwin 

Eclv^. P S h a W E d w P. 6 h a w 

,' 685 

Recorded I5IS-54, Mar 14, Edward PShuw fur*!:;: to Edward F Coffin one of his tenths interest indbovema lar. 12 

Recorded I5i -l78.Mar.26, A " H. Lincoln Gluit. to Josiah B.Kendall 'l&t. B9554 ft. marsh, and canal on Brookline Avenue. 
and J.B.Kartdall mortgages it back for *2 5.000, (alot. 27* per f tj Mar.2fc.l&8l. 

Ke corded : [j ' .. Mar.26, Josiah B. Kendall conveys ioy Warranty subject to foregoing mortgage for*!&c. to each 
of the following persons^ interest in foregoing march ana canal lot. MflK26. 

W m *E.Biddle Hayden Brown Alexander Caldwell Geo. J. Caldwell Amos Coffin 

Moses H. Fowler Sornerby N.Noye* Enoch l v i Read E award RShaw Eloen 5uinner 


New Contracts are aioout to be made for filling lots )i°- 59.40, 41 and 4-2 and that portion of Commonwealth Ave 
which lies between them; the B.*v A.R.R. will probably contract to do the work 

New Streets on lots N ob 3o and 37 have been staked cue as shown on the accompanying plan and win be filled 

ruling by the Health Department (ashes Lc.) is in progress on lot N° 533 north of Beacon, ana Newbury St. exten- 
sion west of Hereford. y 

Material dredged from the River bed under government contract is being clumped on flats north of Beacon, Lot N a 5 34 

Proposals advertised for since Mar. I. have been received for building the abutments ana wing walls of bridge on Common- 
wealth Ave. at Park Entrance The bids and bidders were as follows:- 

A Sylveste 

Ross I Shaw 


Joseph 1 1, M'.ite 


Chas. H.Ecu.'.. 

$33,3 < 

Rossi. Shaw 34,; Cumminsky 0. CoiTnor&co. es.soo- Trumbull ley 27.950. 

The contract was awarded to Trumbull 81 Cheney and work commenced Mar. 23. The work is to be completed Sept. I 81 

Ihe Park Commissioners have advertised for proposals for building* piers abutments and wing walls for a bridge under thf 
tracks of the B a&A.Rai tad ai IB . to Park ihis is to be over the waterway and outlet to P^.\'k Pond 

Work has com'menc l a new Sea-wall nsion of old one the Commissioners line Charles River between 

Hereford be and t ie Park. ' 

[ne Legislature 11 to its final stages a bill granting authority to trie city to 'o^^'. and project a sidewalk outside 

this wall and the Cumn isioners' line f point neai tn< mblic garden to tite new park 

Plans have been ■ ti ai . lateo snowinj propo id laying out of streets on lot N 585 a; shown on accompa- 

nying p 

^37 ieen laid out in Streets as sru wn oi ui\, ai ' •. w"ll si 


• Sch« 

1519-473, Apr I I&8I I I I I ' 

e 20 }•• ■ , . i •. ■ ' : ' . /. 26. ib 

1520-5] 7 ' pr •- ! r .Skil 

cu& i q.ft »uloje< i to rij hi if I li 

.30, Apr. 13, i - Marcus to WLSkillin i Eli - [s i D.N.Skillii *'rs of 

tale, M ° 3 

cl i5ao-5fes, ApiM3 A Mguxus to W m ' Dawson Mort. i i *57,ooo. 

to mort ■ of nio,ooo. I s 8. • 

Recorded 1521-94, Apr 16.1881 Amos M Leonard to Geo. D. Russell *2aso. Lot is containing 1675 ft, subj. 
»ort of *u>oo. Mar. 31. - . 

Recorded 1522.Z09 Apr. 2< 1881 C.Os [ood Morse Tr. N Co. to ' m '' l.oo tl 

lots N 0& 1-13 & 14- . 5301 scj. ft Dei 181 This deed to confin rec. I4&5- i8<b.-7 

I te sq. ft. 

1522.519 ^ •' 5( 



J Tl filling 

II y be at this point 

l~he Pa nk C oi • ■ for a 

|| t Of : I ■ i , 

.. : ; 

Cu Bosl Qui . -5 

and Josii . Isa ' 

■ nl acl .'v i i . \ . . ; 1 1 f c i 
The I iept I 8 ; in tl the I I. w i .around the i • c 

tiofl the ■ i 11 i ;r\ ttv i >rly. 

The ne w Childrens Hosy I nrnen Camden St. It has a 

front of 212 ft. but one wing is not : 

xxavi begun I ol ii the new ft/an i Company A ... i d /V. Chester Park. The 

II CN1 new building is to be adapted to J fur.-.i-- ' i lie h - , i fc. and ib bounded on 

i , 

)ld . and 

. ■ ■ / .i" ' " : ■ 

ot to i h the pilin 

for ! u be erected. 

1522.521 Apr 30 Geo Wheatland Jr. to G.T.W.B. 

I5ZZ.4-3G \|0K. 30. Bl 56 SC[. 

5 rz.85 on Nortlu , . • . 

ldl5Z2.438 A pr 30 ffi I 1254-44. of S ft&t 

i I5Z2.440 Apr >< L.G.DuBois ti i for *7,050. same est. Api 


Re/oor ted /ai>t month. 

Sched <le fb« 181. 

led 1522-5)8, ApK30 I8ai. Davies and others to G< i a i Jr 

i 519, Apr. 30. Braman to d Jr. 

**' ' ' l522 " 521 ' A P , ' 3a Wl mort t0 Bramari ^ /?,** ^d/Ht month 

Mear i ec. 1322-43^, Apr. 3d Farwell je to DuBois. 

r57 Rec. 1522-438, Aprso. Afficl. of Sale. 

r57 R ec 1522-440, Apr. 30 Dm Bois Co Fanvell. Same Estate. 

Rec.1552-440, Apr. 30. GeaRBraman to J D.Braman. Release of lot having front on Beacon St 
Wear37 of no.48 ( same as was sold to Geo. Wheat h i / Jr. reported last month.) Apr 13.1881. 

Rec. 1524-65. 1881. J tilery Piper and GeaEJacobs Trs. Parker St.Lcl.Asso. to Arthur FPepper 

* bS0 Quit. 27,358. ft. fur *i.«fc. - bounds on Rogers Ave. 333.75 and on Parker St. 14.12 Mar. U May 10,18*1 

Rec. 1524-66,68. May H.I88I. to Arthur F Pepper, Par. rel. of mort.(i485-2io) on above 
Pai-uao r,3S8 ft. for * 12,000. and separate mort. for ^12,000. is given by Pepper to Eaton on the same 
estate. K|ar.l,and K|ayio,iaai. 

Rec. 1524-71. Ma\ 11.1881. Arthur P Pepper to Malcolm B.Cole and Albert C\v\>^\\ Trs. of Rogers Av 
Part68 ° Land Co. Same estate (^27,358 ft.) for ^Nc subj. to mort. for *I2,000. to Eaton. Marl. 

Rec. 1524-32. May 11.1881. B.WPCo.Est. J. W. Work mort I see title 1524-81 Potter tc .. Lv. 

93to99 Of pOSS. 1524-81 I tO RufuS EsUbl >Q« 15000 ft for ,100 t'M 24ft lots Oil Hi il jJtOR Ave. Apr. 

i6. Ack.Apr.28. Afficl. of sale to Rufue Estabrook 1524-85. 

^9Mo99 Rec. 1524-36 May II 1881. B.W.PC0 to Rufus Estabrook same 15,00c ft for*i. Rel Apr. 28*29. msi 

03t I :.:. 1524-85 May ti 1881 Rufus Estabrook to J. IV. Work same sst for ^l Apr. 16. Ack < »pr. 23. 

Ree 1524-201. May .2 test. Dwight Foster and others Trs i rid B.W PCo. to Francis W Palfrey, F / \ 
59 - 0; om arcdG.TW.Bramai 's. Commonwealth Ave. L rids. Rel. of fee in Streets Lot 39. 

c 1524-005 May 13. 1881 AaronMealy toW m -E.Healy *i>*c. Quit, old "Button wood Marsh" 
49,50.55. 1 . 9,50*55) excepting portion - f i tv for P. k a lots 1.2,3.4,^-9. 

( see ph ... 'li . 1 1880 issue, or ode Fuller * Wl y's Index Plan B B Park ) May 12 

Rec 1524-306 Mi > 13 iV m E.Healy to Oapi Ann Sav I \ Gloucester nort. *b.zzs 11,972 ft. ii 1 
Part 55.. os< ation of Hurctira< ton Ave. being lots hi v\n\ « re a 9148ft and 2824ft on Fand Hn 

pic »ion of lots 49,50^-55 See Indej Plan May 13, 

Rec 1524-3) ■ M« . 1 1 W m, E.Heal\ to Cape Anr Bank mort *3,5io f22oftsh 1 n above pi; 

Part 55. , . fc J r 

Of lots 49; 50 of- 55 i v io y 13 

Rec. 1524-311 W m E..Healy to C Ann - av.l k mort. *I2G>5 2530 ft, fooundin t\ z\ 011 B.B.Park. 
p^t 50. ; i i being lot triangular in .hap< i g lot 9 on Fuller and Whitney ln< e> I h <. showiiij 

di f li i 3 i'f 55 ; . - on plan with Mar. i I880 issue Ma) • si. 

Rec. I524-3I4 Ma) I3.I88I Aaron He; I) assigns to W m Heal) for*] ft; mort on lots i to 9 of lot! 
records I I48 i ! hi r< tki 1 1 lees ion am writs t 1 a I3,c 

Rec. J524-3I6 ■ 13 mort as the li ... a'" E Mealy < nsthe i ame to Cape A - 1 ank 

Part 50 ni ,,. ; 

bloucester for $8,700 rlay 13. 

f-<ec 1524-337. May 14 Htnry i v i Whitnev arati ol Trs. Park Entrance L • to Boston Stor- 

5b 1 Warehouse Co ^ 80,ooo.ft having front on A Chestei Park of 332.64 an 

V ind Ave of 421.59 f v layo^9. 





Schedule for May 1881. (concluded;. 

d 1525-98 May 20 Horace Billings and Justin S.AmbKOse to JohnYV Candler and IY m, H. Lincoln 
fl.*c. 240,689 ft. having front of °4o*ft on Park. May 20. (suioj. to Park Betterment ) 

Rec. i525-ioo. May zo. John W. Candler and W^R Lincoln to Horace Billings and Justin S.Amlorose 
mort.* 100,000. on foregoing parcel. May 20. 

Rec. 1525-209 May 23. Amity B. Davies, G.T W. Braman, J.D. Brarnan and others to Geo. /Quinsler 
vJi.^c. 4bu ( ft. having front of 45 ft. on Beacon St. May 2,zz. wort backto GTW.B. for *4287. 

Rec. I525-ZI3 A. B. Davies, GTW Brarnan and others to ArtkurTimmins *l °fc- 7&zz^ Q ft. living fa 
of b8 ft. on Beacon St. May 2,23. mort.back to G.T W. Brarnan for #76oo. 

Rec. 1525.339 May Z5. H.M.Whitny and others Trs. Park Entrance Lands to Chas. I/V. Pierce #!.<*c. 
56,oo': ft. (whole of lot 38 ) having front on Commonwealth Ave. 589.17 ft. May 5,24. 

Rec. I5Z5.341 Klay 25. Chas.W. Pierce to KM.Wkitney and others Trs. Park Entaiice Lands, rnort 

1124,000. same est. 58.os2.ft. May 5,25. 

Rec. 1525.559 May 27. 1881. IraT Drew to David N. Skillings * l. Release of parcel taken Joy City 
for Commonwealth Ave. Extension 266 ft. Dated Dec. 12. 1879. Ack. Dec. 15.1879. Rec. May 27. 1681. 
i »ee other releases and indentures recorded May 27, for explanation). 


Work commenced on new contract for filling lots 39, 41,42, May II. 

Excavations from the y'wtv bed are used for filling to grade" 10" on lot 584 and ovey this is sjoreac 
a covering of three feet of dry filling which is being brought in large quantities in carts. 

The first dwelling houses to be erected on the land bought in )87i loy the T'ustees of Hunt- 
ington Avenue Lands have been begun on the comer of West Newton Street and Huntington 
Ave. The land "was filled in the period from 1870 to 1875. 

Orders of Notice has passed the Street Commissioners' for laying out West Newton St. 
from Huntington Avenue to land of Boston and Albany R.R.Corp. and Falmouth Street from 
Dalton to West Newton St. 

Huntington Avenue has been extended from Camden to Parker Streets and land for 
that purpose taken from the B.W.RCo. estate, Ira L. Moore, Boarclman and others, James Edward 
Hrs.of Chas. Haynes, Parker ! 
pense is #35, 000. The date of the order was May 12. Owners are called to quit June I. 

The betterments cases before the Supreme Court have been decided adversely to the 
Park Commissioners. There are over two hundred appeals from the Park Commissioners award 
before the Courts. The aggregate amount of betterments unpaid to Jan. I. 1881 was #352,83/ 
or more than four fifths of the whole. The points of the decision are understood as set- 
ting aside the awards now unpaid, but the Commissioners'may make them valid if they 

ve in 1 01 't thak the betterments exist for expenditure already made. A series of sub 
sequent assessment of betterments is indicated as proper or new legislation may be, 

Work commenced on the foundations for Commonwealth Ave. Brieve about May I. 

Work commenced on the excavations for the bridge under the Boston and Albany 
Railroad May 22. 


Reported fast month. 

Schedule for June 1881. 

LOt No. 

38 Recorded 1525-339, May zs. Park Entrance Trustees to Chas. IV. Pierce. 

Rec. 1525-341, May ZS. Chas.W. Pierce to Park Entrance Trustees. > Reported fast month. 

Rec.1525-559.May 27. IraT Drew to David N.Skillini 

Rec. 1525-550, May 27. N.A.Ins.Co. to David N.Skillimis,*!. -to. parcel taken by City for Commonwealth Ave. 
Extension. 266 ft. Dec. 12, 1879. 

Rec. 1526-254, Juiie2. Matthew Foley lo Annie D. Kloulton, lot corner of Parker St. ^Rogers Ave. *l.4c. 1622 feet 
67r suloj. to Mort. ^1622., ibsd. 

Rec. 1527-433, June 13, Sam 1 T Ames to W m Boynton for*50,ooo. assigns mortgage W m Boynton to Sam 1 - 
T.Ames, dated &ack.0ct.i6 to 19 1874 on lot described below. 

Rec. 1527-434, June 13. Mass.Hoslifeliis.Co. to 5. Augusta wife of W m 'Boyrcton, Discharge Mort. rec. iots-267 
II release tax title rec. 1391-286 on lot described below. Juneio 4,1% resi. 

Rec. 1527-435, June 13. W m -&oyuton & wife to Arthur R Pepper Quit.*1.4c. 101,881. ft. of land having front of 
300.27 en Brighton Ave. (suloj. to taxes; June 13, iasi. 

hec. 1527-436, June 13. Arthur F Pepper to Essex Sav. Bank a mort. for *Z5,ooo. ioi,eei. ft. having front- of | 

N £3f3 7 

ooo.27 on Brighton Ave. Juneisjsei. 

Rec. 1527-439, June 13. Arthur F Pepper to VF Boynton a second mort. for *ll,494.30 same estate as above 1 
suloj. to mort. for *25,ooo. June I3J8&I. 

H Rec. 1527-441 , June 13. Arthur F Pepper to Benj. J.Greely & Jos. A. Jackson Trs. Brighton Ave. Land Co. for 
*Mc. same estate as above suloj. to two mortg's for *3t>,494.3o(this amounts to 35 Griper ft.) June 13. 

Rec. i5Z8.i3b June 18. John CJ^oadley to Essex Sav.Bk. one undivided fourth of Land, marsh & flats 
585 for ^1. <*c. 68.90 on Beacon St. 1080.94 on Brighton Ave. and extending to CWas.River also same interest 
in fee of Brighton Ave. and Beacon Street. Apr 9. and May 23, im 

Rec.1527-527, June 16. Amos M.Leonard to Irene B. wife of Albert Crowell. * 1. 4c. 2 184 ft. West I and Ave. (being lot 
59 25 on Sujo'Plan No. 59 F&W. Index Plan B.B.Park)(also accompanying issue Junel,i88o) Suloj. to mort. of 
^1883.70 0^ taxes. June 15, 1881. 

Rec. 1528-271, June 21. Chas.SJackman &wife to Irene B. wife of Albert Crowell for *l.4c. 2184 ft. Westtand Ave 
being lot zv same plan last above described. Suloj. to murt.*i965.60 & taxes. June 18, 1881. 

Rec.15z9.95 June 28. Matthew P Elliot IDavid A.Holmes Trs. WestlandAve. Asso. to Irene B.Crowell. *i.«fc. 
^ 2184ft. Westland Ave. (Joeing lot 24 on plan last above described) suloj. to taxes dmortg's* 1965.60. June 1 8. 

( The Street department are about concluding a contract for filling the Extension of Huntington Ave. from Camden Street 
J to Parker St. Bids received ranged from seven dollars and more per square upwards. The contract is to loe made with the Boston at ^4.25 per square they to have the privilege of crossing the Park and the necessary streets to reach the 

place. The work is to be finished Sept. U881. 

( The foundations of the abutments tor bridft over the B URR. at Beacon Ent. are to loe put in by day. Work commenced about June 13, 

Him new building on West Newton St. north of Providence R.R. have been btfun. 

The Met.* R.R.Co. has laid and is now paving a double track on Hunt. Ave. as far as W. Ghes.Park. 

The proposition is now pending before the City Council to extend the "fire limits' westerly from Parker St. to cover the whole of L 
| Brookline line. This movement was caused by the removal of several old wooden builcfo to & erection of new wooden houses at end of I 

The Assessors have completed the new assessments for May 1881 and the books mn open to the public several clays ago. 
They find an increase in value on all park lands. On 14 lots examined the increase varied from I to 40 percent, the average be- 
M 17 percent. It is understood that the total increase found is some over *l,ooo,ooo. 


Sd I '' July, 18 

59 Recorded 1529-95, Junt^s.fflei, ^.PEIIiot & D.A.Holmes Trs. to IrerceB.Cro 


^EPo^T^oLr r rM 

Rec. 1529-515, July i, Abram Q. Wendell Jr. & Sidney J. Barret firs. Central Park Land Co. to K|atthewR Elliot 
for *l, I53,53l«| sufoj. to taxes ^ny3l <JJune30J88l (There- are murk's on this land for *89,ooo.). 

Rec. 1529-517, July I, HR Elliot to Albert B. Putney. C has. H.^ur rage & Chas. El. Jackson Trs. of Mercantile 
Land Co. ^1. Same estate as above. June I, 1881. 

I r2 $R ec - l5 ^9-537, Joily 2, Lyman P French & Clement Willis Receivers of W.Boston Sav. Bk. to Henry H.Barrows 
*974.05 one tenth of "Three acre Shore NJarslVon Rudely River July I. 

Rec. I530-H3 tone, July 5, Affidavit of Mortgagers 1 Sale under mort. by B.W.PCo. to Chas.W.WHder*l. Lots 
93.94 93 <L94 having front of 24 feet each on Huntington Ave. and bounding Easterly on lot 92, Gooofeet 
June 2 to July 5. 

^c. 1530-126. July 6, l^i. R Elliot & D. A. Holmes Ti'S.Westland Ave. Land Associates to Anna L.Wilbur for 
*3374s28 Lot 19 F&W Index Plan or Supplementary Plan of Subdivision of lot Mo.59 (See B.Bay 
Re> (ate of June 1880.) having front on West land Ave. of 2 4 ft. and area of 2184- sq.ft. sub j. to 

mort. for )8 2047. 50 ^jari h 1, 1881. 

Rec. 1530-398, July 12, Lyman P French & Clement Willis Receivers of W.Boston oav. Bk. to Eliz.G. Hoyt 
all interest in ^ of parcel known as "Shore Marsh" cont'g abt. 3 acres July II. 

P artsr Rec - '5ol-i95, July 14, B.W.P.Co. i, Messrs Foster,Collamore,£ Riclwdson Trs. of do. to Horace^! Clifford 
^66,472.37 6o,429j% sq.ft. land West land Ave. Suloj. to taxes. June I, and 30. 

|p Lt 7 Rec - 1531-138 to 24-5, July 16, Horace 1^. Clifford to Dwight Foster, Gilman Collamore, &, Geo.F Richardson 
J Trs. Mortgages on subdivisions of foregoing lot as follows:- 

Lot I, ^2161.50 2620 sq.ft. Lots Z to 18,^2,178 (each) 2640 sq.ft.(each). 

Lot 19, ^2 180.22 2647^ sq.ft. Lot 20, ^84-86.52 10236^ sq.ft. 

_Rec. 1531-249, July 16, H.J^.CIiffurd to Eben F Stone & Thos. C. Simpson *1. Lotslto20 above named 
suloj. to ta^es and to mortgages amounting to 82^ t- per sq.ft. June I, 1881. 

.Recorded 1531-449, July 20, Sarah E. ux. Amos A. Lawrence to G.TW. Brarnan et.als.*!. Release 
Near 57 

of dower on- triangular lot corner of Brighton Ave. and Avon St. Juk 8. 

c. 1531-449. July20, Geo.Gr Susan A. Braman ux G.TW, assignment of mortgage 

Near 57 


Rec. 1531-450, July 20, Susan A. Brarnan to Arthur F. Pepp> receded 1300-221 

Near37 ■ , 

July 1,181 ' 

Rec. 1531-451, July 20, J.D.Bo ii . GT W.Braman, and Davies I - '<■ \rthur F. Pepper $ 1. 4c. 
75,081. sq.ft. of land having front on Brighton Ave. of Z75£ &, on- Avon St.of2i - J& July I. 

Ncar37Rec. I53i-45Z. July 20, Arthur F Pepper, mort. to G.TW. I n ^30,000. same estate. July I 

Rec. 1531- 455, July 20, Arthur F. Pepper to Thos. G.Carson 4 Sidney J. Barrett Trs. National Land Co. *l. 

Near3r c I I L 1 

oan rate as above swbj. to more. Jul) I. 

Rec. I53z. isi, Juiy 25. N|ass. Charitable l^ech. /IssoQ-, B.W.PCo, i /\t!as Ins.Co. Release of land for 
laying out W.Newti s l of Huntington . June 11.I88I. 


Fillinj ■ ■ Cc. Jul) Some m, 

■ (.. 'ts.commi i i f 

it con trad in dredging the 

■ ii , The i tri I - .. nd shovelled ( -' 


d.Jul) . for filling the old canal and creek next north of Brighton Ave.*.' . by G 

Griggs \ nd \v i ., 

Permi: sn given the B.AR. Mill Coi cavate gravel from the river bed for filling their 

flats. This Corporation is proceeding to extend the sea-wall which they have been building, to the limit: 
of th ' ce so that the total nver front of lots 584 and 585 will be pro- 

I tected 

The < ; July 23 en the aioutments of Be. !e and the iron bridge and flooring will 

be ijolete so t \ trj /el over it will lo< re ; u th( *. The contract for the stone 

work ready for the iron structure wag to bo completed last November. Under this I 

rmanent channel to drain an i renew the various ponds in the Park ; lout the water cannot loe let on 
nor the old sluices thn h the mill dar a ar< compl< I • i work un< 

, ,, ., | js gK , . i , . . if i tter is the bridge under th< A.Railroad when ery littl< 

been eel as yet. Its prosecution will loe deli of unin d travel 

R, ,. and it is i ' ■'■> ian be completed before November. F • s the Stony 

Brook | to loe built ai ' ■ 'th to loe yp,\no^(j{ b< the water can Mow in it: 

lie annel. 

The City Auditor, report | ,. I on Buck I . y:- 

i , d ■ ■ i 

to h . , i, ii .-i 
. i l^|a; i,i880 

al Payrm 

• i, I ' (1 , i 


Levii'icr, Ci to • 

con Si ri< I 
Ci b< rl; nd ; 

I B; . E i n ! i •' Ki ■ 

fl£CE/PTS WtfTS. 

43' 90 444,074.79 


1S5.540.70 266, B O 7. 05 






4i,)2i ill i r.30 

| . 


Lo * ^c 

V.!ule for : |. 



r;,."';-'' .' "«*-»" ; July**.««. IWChar.l nic Association, B.Wal ,r Co.E*tate. and Adas 

*.., liis. Co. to City of Boston.*!, land for W Newton St. north of Huntington Ave. 50 ft.*ide to FalmoUtl 
and 60 ft. wide n< of Falmouth to land of B.andA.R.R. June II 1881 

nec.lM2-.SB4 Aug.a, Franl lln Haven. Alex.H.Rice.and Pole?? IV. Chandler Trs. to Gamaliel Bradford Jas 
71 B.Thayer TVs. ^136.40 and two certificates of .hares | n Huntington Ave. Lands 10.947 sq ft having 
front of 36.12 on Huntington Ave. corner W.Newton St. Apr. 30 and July ZB. 

By Declaration of Trust recorded iwz-aar. A'ug.2. it appears that the beneficiaries of the above trus- 
tees viz: Bradford and Thayer are 
Gamaliel Bradford, Geo.R.Mlnot. ' T.N.Hart and H.D.Hyo, Atty. Jos. SKattuck 

7 ' Oliver AmM. John K Anderson. Merchant* Nat. Bk., Chas.W.5hattuck 

RGordoiv Dexter W^S. Bui lard. Matlonal Bk. of Commerce, Jae.C.Carter 

Roy.. I L.Robtoms Sam! N.Brown Jr. H.S.Russell and J. H.Walcott. W«-Bmney. 

v ' Rec. 1533-317. Aug. 9. Benj CPerkins T, New Park Land Co. to Henry M. Cross Tr.New Park Land Co * 1 
67r 27533 ft. lots I to 12 (see Fuller and Whitney Index. Plan of Park Lands) on Rogers Ave. and Hunting- 
ton Ave. July n.isa/ 

„,. Rec.lS33-428. Aug. 10. Jas. Edwards to City of Boston •.!. Huntington Ave. Extension. Agreement 
about land taken. Apr. IS. 1881. 

Rec. 1534-286. Aug. 19. 1881. Henry K.Whitney, Henry D.Hyde and G.T IV.Brmm.nTra. to Essex 5av 
38 Bk. As ;\i nment of Mort. rec. w«-M-l. * 124.000. for sb.osz sq.ft. land. Commonwealth Ave. and 

Beacon &t. Aug. 19, 1&8I. 

J y? Rec. 1535. life Foster. GilmanCollamore and Geo.H Richardson T». to City of Boston, 
"749770 10,711 sq ft. for Huntington Ave. Extension. Aug.29,i8ei. 

{!& Rec. 1535.118 Aub.SO. B.W.RCo.tO City of Boston. *7*9r.70 10,711 sq.ft. same as above. Aug.29. 1881. 

•'■ ankn. t for Huntington Ave. Extension to Parker St. was completed Aug u 

All the grav J cans brought by the B.andA.R.R. from Riverside are being dumped upon the flats betw'eer, 

»«>**., hi 8 „o, bout as far as it can 

' &ro can foe diverted to its new 

) ^ d '-' I. 1 t ,edone I 

I'" 1 ' !: : l«l ' : ! - d before next 

legotiations aKe in pn ,s for additional fHiing around the Park by the B.and A.R.R.Co. 

' Beacon St was open for travel over the new bridge Aug. is. The foundation*, and girders of the bridge 
re substantial and designed to be permanent. Some of the superstructure, that of the gates A dam 

. especially is temporary as the plans of the Park Commissioners with reference to the connection of the 

Park and waterway with Charles River, are not fully developed. 
The work" on Commonwealth Ave. bridge has been delayed from jack of stone for abutments. 
Work on the loridgeabutments under and over the B.and A.R.R. is being prosecuted in the night as well as 

wt II as in the day. 

The substructure^ tony Brook Water Gate is nearly complete. The double conduit connecting with the 
d Sewer under Parker St is about half . Work is well advanced on foundations of Boylston St 

♦ bridge. Nothing U being done on the wooden conduit i r th ordinary^* Stony Brook water 

r an I is work remains as it was left ! ist October except a section across Beacon Street 
' rii r, ' 'is being constructed in Camden and Falmouth Sts. along the line of the 

i" f ut of a higher grade the purp ,e of which is to control the rain water and re- 

ceive the entry pipes from the houses. The Mew England M andM.lnatlopened the IS*;inst Tke Met- 
politan Horse R.R.usei heir new track on Huntington Avenue extending to Rogers Avenue Aue is* 



Schedule for Sept. 1881. 

JQl'ded 1535-116 to 118 Aug.30, Foster Collamore and Richardson Tr5.,*lso B.W.PCo. to City of Boston 
Re/oorteci fast month. 

teri 68 Rec ' ,635 ~ 595 Sept7 '881. Dwight Foster, GNman Collamore. and Geo.F Richardson Trs. to John J. Williams 
Partial Rel. of Mort. 3041 sq.ft. cor. W. Chester Pk. and Falmouth St Sept.7! 

N Rec. 1536-193 Sept iz. Franklin Haven, Alex H. Rice, and RW.ChandlerTi' JoaiahB.KendaII*l. 54,664 ft 

bet. Durham and W.JSlewton Sts.,and St. Botolph Stand B and R R.R. July I. 

Near 7/ 

Rec. 1536-195 Sept 12. Franklin rlavervRW.Chandler Trs. Hunt. Ave. Lands and J.B.Kendall agreement 


modifying conditions indeed above. Sept. ©and 9. 

Rec. 1536-197 6eioUZ J.B.Kendall to Haven, Rice. &nd Chandler Tns. Mort. for ^38.140.50 on S4-.664. ft above 
• 71 

July 1. 1881 

Wear7 ! Rec. 1536-201 Sept. 12. J.B.Kendall to Ivory Bean *|. same 54,664 ft. suloj. to mort. for *38,I40.50 

Rec. 1536-402 Septis. GeoA Robinson est. by E.G.Moyt Mtgee. Deed and Aff. of Sale (see mort. If87~7s). 
for* 2500; 3acres "Shore Marsh" on Muddy River near Brookline Ave. Aug,lb. 

i^ec.i53^.4b9 Sciut.^9. Clement Willis and Lyman R French Rec— W. Boston Sav. Rufus Lstabrook 


^173.26 release of jL of chore Marsh, same as above. July 13. 

Near23Rec.1533.455 Sept 29- Same Receivers to Rufus Eatalorook **ioo. & of "Shore Harsh" above. July 18,20. 

Rec.153a.456 oept. 29. Rufus Estabrook to Sai-nuel Wells mort. *2ioo. f of Shore Marsh above, and 
Wells assigns same to Clement Willis. July 18,19. 

Tf\X S/JLE.S. 

677 Rec. 1537-34 Sept. I. Susan Moul ton est to E.FBowker lot I, Courtlarid St. 

50 " 1537-52 " 3. Frank H.Wamblm to Michael Barrett, I, part of lot 50. 

Near 14 1537-160 " ?j. Lemuel E.Pope Mrs. est to James C. Davis, 66, 465 ft. corner Rmokline^ Klaole >Aves. 

Near»4 .» 1537-161 •• fci. Lemuel F.PopeHrs. est. to James C.Davis, 17,310 ft. Maple Ave. opp. last. 

P«kk 49 " 1537-167 " Z.2., W m Boynton est. to Thos.L lis, 11,022. ft. let 49. 

" 677 " 1537-2.13 " z?*. Susan W.Moulton est. to Thos.Ellis, 162.2. ft. lot 15 part of lot ore 

" 677 



Work commenced on new contract btw. City \ ' R.R. for filli ..." iscontract 

provides for widening the roadway aroui t rk at v . •• is |. lace ha* i ot already been 

filled to full width. The material thus deposited will in part loe carried into the interior portions of 1 
the park to fom the shore of the lake and create an embankment for the purpose of retaining Hie 
mud to, be excavated in forming the wafer area as it is deposited u^on tl .e I 1 >d area. The City 
have men and teams at work excavatir^ the material obstructing the proposed channel between 
Beacon St. and the railroad and building then Iw on the Le f the parkway between 

the same points. It is now certain that the old sluices will not be closed, t 1 is fall. The work of 
filling near Btacon St. en lot 39 has been stopped. 

Work on the stone foundations for the various bridges under contract for the GUy < ontinues to be de- 
layed by the difficulty of getting stone. Wor has stopped altogether on the Boylston Street 
Bridge Abutments. The boutherly ends of the abutments and piers for waterway under <r bridge 
over B.#A.R.R. are nearly complete to £>rade of track. The track will have to loe shifted so as to allow 
the extension of the abutments northerly. This job may be said to he about one quarter finished at 
the present time. The northerly abutment for bridge over R.R. has the foundation course laid to the 
\y .o(c of the R.R. /I bout a third of the piles for the southerly abutment have been driven. A 
foot bridge has been constructed over the Boston &nd Providence R.R. at Camden St, 

Schedule for Oct. 1881. 

Recorded i.537-^§fSept. 29. Willis and French, Receivers of W.Boston S.B. tc Rufus Estabrook of 

Shore Marsh and Mortgage back, Rercrt£.d Lvst Month. 

Rec. 1539-151, Oct.4-, Huqh Mullen to Geo. W. Brett *). £of lot 4, zizc sq.ft. having fronton HuntingtonEntrancd 
toPark of z\ ft. subj. to l^ort. 0M1703. Oct.u&si. 

Rec. 1539 -523, Oct. 10. Henry P Knight to Wm.H.N\crse *4-50o. usoss sq.ft. having front of 131 ft. on Beacon St. 
Oct. s.iftsi. W.H.Kforse K]ort.of sameMwo, to El is: H. Knight Oct./. 

Rec. 154-1-179, Oct. 22. Haven, Rice, and Chandler Trs.« 14,607. Release K[ to Ivory Bean lots I to9 
1 B4- -7^ on West Newton St. and 85 ft. deep. Oct. 17, 20, 1881. 

Rec. 1541 -isz, Oct. 23. Ivor)/ Bean to Frank Shaw, Fred k Warren and Others Trs. of Geo. Warren Est. forMo.sot 
Mortgage on lanci and buildings above. Oct. 22. 1881. 

A newci. .ire fur excavating below the water level is being set up by the City near Beacon street. The plan 
is to drag a scoop across and lift the material to the shore. This or some other machine will bo very useful as 
muck dredging will be done in forming the bed of the ponds within the Park. 

The government contractors have Finished dvedg'mg in Chas. River opposite the Back Bay and con- 
sequently the filling on land of Griggs c\nd others vieav lot 37 has stopped. 

The work of filling lot 4z stopped on the 2S lh instant. The streets on lots 39 ancU2 as well as the avenue 
between these niay be filled this Winter, lout the water portions of these lets must remain unfilled'until 
nex.t Spring. Fining for the City on the new contract is now proceeding about the Stony River Water Gate 
and in closing up the old channel of the sewer west of Parker Street. 

The City are ppe| rinj| to excavate for the pend between the railroad ^nd Beacon street; this work 
lies below the level of the tide ^nd pumping will be necessary. The mud filling excavated from Chas 
River for the government has been delivered the past season for aC* \oqy yard. The gravel excavated 
from the River and delivered to grade 13 on lots 5»4 and 565 cost 4-C* per yard. 

The new Sea-wall along the river front of lot 585 requires pile foundations. About six-hundred have been 
driven. They have an average length of twenty-eight feet below low water. Gravel is to be packed a- 
" und them to displace the mud c\r,d hold them firm. 

The foundations of the bridge for Commonwealth Avenue are completed and the City have adver- 
tised for proposals for the construction of the iron-work. 
:rv lPROVEMtNTS< The foundations of the bridge for Bcylstcn Street^are also completed. The masonry arch tc support 
the roadway will he laid by day work and preparations for the same are now in progress. 

The masonry fcr the bridges under and over the Boston and Albany Railroad are still incomplete 
and their completion is likely to be deferred 'till next Spring. 

The • ory Brook Water Gate is completed and the water from the old sewer is now received at and 

hcharr*ed through the gates. 

il for Nov. . 

Lot No. 

F(e< 1 15*1. 54-1, Nov. 7J88I. RobtABarnet to Elizabeth G. Hoy t.ifc A of three acres known as 

Shore ■ '. rsh. Nov. I, Ack. Nov. 7 1881. 

Rec. 1543.21, Nov. 8, 1881. GTlV.Braman to Amity B.Davies fc ^6oo. ass'^'tof mort. rec. 1525.214- on 
7823 sq.ft. land beacon ot. Nov.B.lssi. 

Pt , Kt677 Kec. I5A3.4IO, Nov. is. W m L.Bradley to Kl.PElliot *l. Lot 14- of subdivision lot G77, Fullek&Whitmfy 
Index Plan, 1342 sq.ft. Nov. 9, Ack. Nov. 10, issi. 

Ne.r6i4 ^ ec ■ ,6A4v 353 N°v. 25, 1881. Receivers of Barnstable Savings Bank to Martha A. uxx>f David H. 
I^| C K v • 18,393.18, I5.3ii^ sq.ft. having front of i/o feet on W, Chester Park. Mov.21.i88i. 

Kec. 1644. 354- Nov.25,1861. D.H.Nl c r\^y and wife to l^argaret f^.N^Nutt i|. same estate as 
above. Nov. ;.3, Ack Nov. 24-, 1 881. 

Rec.1544- 355,-7.-9 Nov. 25,1881 K|.M.M c Nutt to David H.M c Koy *>l6,ooo. for three mortgages on a 
subdivision or the above. Nov. 23,1 sol. 

[\ec. i544-.3^>i Nov.25,1881. |V|ar^aret H-K| c Nlutt to Kjartha A. ux.of David H.K| c K,ay. *i., above 
land subject to above three mortgages. Nov. 23, and;^,ie>&i. 

for tHe City lias continued during the month on the westerly margin of the Park in front of lots 

30.31 and 35, I I ri< posite lot 30 has been filled. This bridge will span the 

I'Tow water-w the two portions of the pond in the interior of the Park, -and, over it 

will 1 .s tl roadway which crosses the Park opposite Westland Avenue. The City w'lll fill no 
more on the west side al presei t, - \v&h\ more work, as at present progressing, is required 
on the easterly side of the Park ne^v Huntington Entrance, where the roadway is being widened 
and \'i ised. Tl e roadway at this point is to be built si* ov eight feet higher than the rest in order 
that a covered passage may be built under ft connecting the foot-path atang tine shore of the pro- 
posed pond with the path approaching from Huntington Entrance. 

The City are excavating and forming tine bed of the pond north of tine raiVroacu N|ud scooped 
from the bottom is dumped along the shore and covered with gravel. 

The c ' or of the gravel which is being dredged from the Charles River bed opposite Claren- 
don street and dumped opposite West Chester Park is very interest! its Though found at the 

me place the color and weight vary much. Some is coarse and some is very fine, but all of 
it is excellent filling material. 

The contract for the iron bridge for Commonwealth Avenue has been made with Messrs Cook 
nd Co. for ^9729.70 and is to be completed Feb. U 882. 

The tracks of the B.anu A.R.R. have been moved southerly making a circuit around the site 
of the unfinished portion uf the bridge under the road and over the water-way. Excavations 
for the Foundations are in progress and tine piles ma> be driven this winter. 

e quantity of the granite blocks from the old Beacon Hill Reservoir is being deposited 
ore the ground near and are to be used fur the abutments and retaining walls of bridge 
over the railroad. 

Trees have been planted on Westland Ave, both sides, between lot 56 and 59. 

The Mew England Mechanics Institute Building is being used for the storage of merchandise. 



Schedule For Dec. 1881. 

/Lot Nos 

Near 6,* Recorded 1544,353, Nov. 25,1681. Receivers of Barnstable Sav.Bk. to tyartHa A.N| c Kay 

15*4,354, NJov.25, M c Kay to Margaret I^Nult. reported 

■ - ■ 1544.355 to35 9 , M c Nutt to David H.VfKay, 3 m^ f /; ^/ ? 

. " » 1544,361, ^l c Nu« totvjartha A.M^Kay. 

+ i Rec. 15*6.170, Dec.2, 1581, W m Dawson for* 57, ooo assign 2""* inoi't.loy A.A.Marcus on 74-.3ZS feet 

Aug. 26. Ack.Nov. 3,1881. Assigned to Annie Benjamin. 

4i Rec.i54s.i70, Dec.z,Eaecut6KS of D.N.Skilliiigs estate and Alfred A.F|arcus extend I st Mart. 

(rec. 15^0. 5&o.^no,ooo&x.)on same 74,328 ft; *l0o,ooonow due. Annie Benjamin as- 
sents tc same , Nov. 4^ 8, 1681. 

I 59 Rec.1545.37s, Dec.6, Annie L.Wilbur toV|.REHiot & D. A.Holmes Trs. Westland Ave. Associates 

^526.T8 a second mortgage on lot 19 Westland Ave (see R&/W. Index Plan B.B.Pavk) 

2.164- ft. The first inert, is for 2047.50 t^archl, Ack.Ap.9. 

6io Rec. 151.5. 439, Dec.6. Trustees of Huntington Ave. Lands to Ivory Bean «i. release of con- 
ditions indeed recorded 1530.193 and applying to land between W. Newton c\nd 
Durham Sts. & St.BotolphSt. and B.&ARR Dec<o.i3si. 

eio Rec. 1545.439, Dec.6, Trustees of Huntington Ave. Lands to Ivory Bean, Partial Release of 
Mort. on lots IS) to 23 (see F.& W. Index Plan B.B.Park) kaving front of loo ft. io| inches 
| on Durham St. and 79 ft, deep. Decl 1881. 

TRANSFERS { 6, ° R©c. 1545.441, Dee. <b, Ivory Bean to John C.Leighton five wort's, each for £5,000. on 5 houses 

on N. Easterly side of Durham St. as follows:- No 19, 20ft. io|inches in front, I\los. 20, 
21,22,2:3 each 20ft. front and all five lots 79 ft. deep each. Decl. 

os3 Rec. 1545.610, Dec.8, MannahH.Drew to City of Boston *60ll.*o three parcels for extension of 

683 Huntington Ave. 15073 ft. of lot 083; 3533 ft. in Rogers Ave (formerly taken for sewer) 

andlfi32ft east of Rogers Ave. Dec.Bjssi. 

91 Rec. 1546.89, Dec. 12, Atlas Ins Co. to I^ongan G.Bulkeley ^15,000 mort.on 13,698 ft. 109ft. on 
Huntington Ave. and 125 ft. on W Newton St. Dec iojbbi. 
pa-'tos Kec. 1547.249, Dec. 3o, G.TW.Braman H.D.Hyde & H. !^. Whitney Tks. to City of BostonSs3,504 
4i,75^ so|. ft having front of 361.66 feet on Boylston street and No ft on Hereford 
street. Dec. Z 9, 1881. 

& n ear 


fit/rFfwcNr Tax S/jles. 

Recorded 1537.540, Dec. 17. W m Roberts estate to JamesDeshon^54o.77 16,297ft. Parker 

street B,nd proposed extension of Huntington Ave. 
Rec. 15 37.543, Dec. 17. Edwin Tufts estate to James Desl ion ^1157.10 71,090 sq.ft. ^ 
Rec.i53T.545, Dec. 17, 1881. Geo. A- Simmonsd others Trs. estate to Jas.Deshon 

^3415.14 155,023 SC|.ft, Dec 14 and 16. 1881 . 
Rec. 1537.54©, Dec.17, Ibbl, William Roberts estate to James Deshon & Z 310.79 Betterment 

IT, 472 sq.ft lotM to 9 inclusive. Decl4 and 16. 1861. yax 3c*/ec 

Rec. 1537553, Dec. 19. W.H. Lincoln and J. W. Candler Estate ^1370. 95 92,909 

sq.ft. Dec. 14- and 16,1881. 


Schedule for Dec. 1881, Concluded. 

The filling operations by H te Boston and Albany Railroad for the City south of the railroad were 
brought to a close Dec.20,i8si. The same contractors resumed the following day, 
Dec.2f, the filling of Commonwealth Avenue and the Extension of K\arlborough5t. 
on lots 39 and4-o. These streets will be filled in a week or two as far as they can be 
and then it is probable the gravel trains will cease to run for the present. This 
will be the first break in the filling operatic s of the Boston and Albany Railroad 
I since April 2b, 1880. 

The dredging work in the River and filling of lot© 584 and 585 stopped Dec,\S>,l88l. 

The following lots have been improved by filling during the year IB81-- 

By filling in Park, U,13,I5,ig, 17,^9,30,31, 35,36,^,36, 39,4-0,4-1, 42, 43, 44,4-<b,47,'Vb,so, 51 and 52. 

By filling Huntington Avenue Extension, 57 <o9, 595,684,685, 682,683,687 ands77. 

By being partly or wholly filled, 36,37 38, 3^40,4-1, 4-2, 46, 4-^,48, 58, 71, S>o, 583,584, 585,587 to 

v 595, 601, 6io,68Z, 683,687 and Griggs &others near 37. 

( * 

The City are driving piles for the foundation of northerly portion of abutments of bridge under ! 

B. and A. Railroad at Beacon Entrance. 
The very favorable weather of the last month has permitted considerable progress on coverec 
wooden culvert for Stony Brook Water, which has been completed from a point south of 
Beacon street nearly to the railroad. 

The "fire limits" Ordnance pending before the City Council in June last was passed andap^ 
proved by the ^ayor Dec. 30. This prevents the erection of wooden buildings on any 
part of the Back Bay extending westerly to St K|ary s street and tbe Brookline line and 
southerly to Longwood Ave., Ward and Rugbies streets. 
Favorable action by the City of Boston on the recommendation of the Park Commissioners 
in their last annual report for the taking of land bordering on t^juddy River asfav as 
Jamaica Pond has been recently taken. A City Debt of #200,000 has been authorised 
provided the Town of Brookline proceed joint!)/ with them to carry out the improvement. 
, The authority given to Brookline to expend money for the purpose independent upon the 
] approval of a majority of the legal voters of the town. 

The City debt, authorized, vi£:-#30o,ooo for Chas.River Embankment, applies only to that part 
of the old plan for the improvement of the river hank which lies between 1/Vest Boston amcl 
Cragies Bridges. The City have advertised restates for sale to satisfy their claims for 

tax. assessed for betterment caused by location of B.B.Park. One was adjusted bofore 
the deed was recorded. Three were east- of W. Chester Park and north of Boy Iston . The re- 
maining five are reported in Transfers" Suits had been entered contesting the validity of the 
assessment on the Z parcels sold for estate of W m Roberts. The other three owners had not 
commenced suit. The other suits, entered some time since resisting these assessments, still 
remain on theclocket of the Court. Since l^ay when a partial dicision of these suits was had from 
the Supreme Court some of them have been reargued and Judge Colt's death intervening it 
is doubtful if any further action is takei^l For a year. Some parties, who entered suit have paid 

I under protest, some have given bonds Sobtairred an injunction restraining the City from selling. 

The following Estates have been improved during the year 1881 by buildings erected, 71,90, bo 1, 6 10, 

587 to595,<b82ancl687. - 


ar <ssh 

0w inOOf,